I have legally purchased a piece of music on CD or digitally. Do I have the right to use it for my business or on YouTube?

The only right acquired by purchasing a CD or audio file (e.g. on iTunes) is private listening. If you wish to use a piece of music for commercial purposes, you are required to pay publishing and master synchronization rights.

What rights do I need to clear to combine a piece of music with moving images in my video (synchronization)?

Master rights [from the owner(s) of the audio recording] and publishing rights [from the lyricist(s)/composer(s)/music publisher(s)].

Does the “Personal use” license cover all sync rights?

Yes. It covers both master and publishing rights.

Can I use a piece of music in a non-monetized video on social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)?

No. To combine a piece of music with a video, you must obtain a license. You can obtain a personal-use license here (if available), or contact us for more information.

Is permission required for non-profit uses?

Yes. You are required to get permission from the rights owner(s), even if they are willing to grant such license free of charge.

Are additional fees required for public broadcasting?

A public performance license is required to broadcast music in public spaces (events, city squares, fairs, conventions, shops etc.). This can be granted by your local collecting society.
If your video is set to be broadcasted on tv, public performance rights will be paid by the broadcasting company as set forth in the agreements for the broadcasting of copyrighted content.

I cannot find the piece of music that I am looking for. What should I do?

Please contact us by filling out the form. We work with several artists and music producers, and can provide music for specific needs.