Royalty Free Music: the solution to make your personal videos unique!

What does royalty free mean?

When a piece of music is granted under a royalty free license, it does not mean that the music itself is copyright-free. It means that copyright and related rights obligations are fulfilled with a one-time fee, without the need for further payments.In other words, authorised use of royalty free music does not generate periodic royalties. Such licenses can be acquired by paying a flat fee to the rightsholder(s), one time only.

What are royalties?

Royalties are payments made to rightsholders (lyricists, composers, publishers, producers etc.) in exchange for the licensed use of their music.

The advantages of royalty free music

Royalty free music is a simple, inexpensive and legal solution to help users fulfil copyright obligations. Rightsholders representatives such as HALIDON control all rights to the recordings available on their Licensing platforms and can grant permission to use them to end-users.

How much does a royalty free music license cost?

The cost of a royalty free music license can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the track’s duration, genre or performer.You can contact us at any time to receive more information and/or personalised quotes in case you would like to use multiple tracks in your project: we offer solutions for all needs and budgets!

Where can I find Royalty Free music?

Right here on the Halidon Licensing Platform!
All you have to do is follow these easy steps:
  • Go to our Home Page
  • Filter tramite your search results by genre, mood, instrument etc., and choose which track you would like to use (you can stream a demo version for free)
  • Click on Personal Use/Corporate Video for non-commercial projects, or click on Other Uses: Contact Us to receive a custom quote
  • Download the track (usually an mp3 file) and the licensing contract.

From this moment on, you will be authorised to use the track for your project (within the limits set forth in the contract) without additional expenses. The Personal Use license is royalty free, so you won’t have to pay any more royalties.
The Personal Use license covers all synchronization rights: that is to say, publishing rights and master rights.

How can I purchase royalty free music for commercial use?

For projects such as:
  • Short films for festivals, television and home video via Internet or Smartphone
  • Advertising (TV / Radio / Cinema / Web)
  • Films / Documentaries
  • Digital: Apps / Podcasts / Videogames

Contact us to receive a custom quote!